Built to Sell Radio - Talia Mashiach

Selling The Baby In The Bathwater

Many service company founders yearn for a product business. Some even fund its development through the service business. This week we discuss selling the service side of your business. That’s exactly what Talia Mashiach, the founder of Eved, did.

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BTSR notes photo_FINAL-Josh-Latimer

Your Training Wheels Business

Selling your business and retiring are not the same thing. In Josh Latimer’s case he sold his company Birds Beware, a Michigan-based window cleaning business because he wanted to go do something else. Hear his story on this week’s episode. 

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The 50% Bump

When Mark Carlson put Minnesota Mailing Solutions on the block, he got two offers for about four times his pre tax profit – but Carlson wasn’t satisfied, and in this episode you’ll hear the tactic he used to get the acquirer to boost their offer by 50%.

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The External vs. Internal Sale

Barry Wood sold two virtually identical businesses over an 18 year period. The first was external and the second, internal. His exits clearly show the differences in an as close to apples-to-apples comparison as possible. The pros and cons may surprise.

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