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Our mission is to share the nuts and bolts of selling a business with our listeners.

The format of the show is to interview an entrepreneur who has sold a business in the last five years and ask them about what they learned going through the process of selling; e.g., things they did right, things they would like to do over again, things they wish they had known going into the process, etc.

Therefore, we interview business owners who have sold a business. We do not interview advisors (e.g., M&A professionals, consultants, coaches) or experts on selling a business; however, we do acknowledge any advisor who nominates a business owner by giving them a generous mention on air. For example:

"Our next guest today is Jane Doe, the founder of Acme Widgets. Jane was recommended to us by John Smith, the president of Houston-based Smith & Co. Advisors. Smith & Co. helps fast growth entrepreneurs prepare for an exit. You can check out their Smith & Co. website at Smith.com."

This form is divided into two parts. Part 1 asks for details about the person you are suggesting we interview; and Part 2 asks for details about you, the person making the nomination. If you are nominating yourself, you only need to fill out Part 1, as well as the first question in Part 2.

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