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Wisdom From Wall Street: How To Buy, Then Sell

Matt Slaine used his wisdom from Wall Street to buy the perfect company, and later sell it for a perfect price.

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Was The Inc. 500 The Reason For This Founder’s Exit?

James Roman grew iVelocity’s revenue by a whopping 1000% - was the stress that ensued worth it?

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How To Structure Your Earn Out (Without Getting Burned)

Kristin Delwo co-founded Stacks, a software used by librarians. Though the software was still early in its life, Delwo wanted to scale quickly and decided to look for a deep-pocketed acquirer.

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When Your Best Acquirer Is Already On The Payroll

Sometimes you don’t have to look far to find the perfect buyer – but you do have to be flexible.

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How To Sell A 22-Employee Company For $125 Million

Altia Systems has just crested 20 employees and was fine tuning the latest version of its camera system. So how on earth did it sell for $125 million?

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When To Hire A President To Run Things

Want to bring in a President to run your company day-to-day? Here’s how to get it right.

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The Other Half Of The Equation

So, your business is ready to sell. But are you? Here’s the other side of the ledger you may have forgotten to consider.

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What To Do When Something New Attracts Your Attention

We talk a lot about how you sell a business, but the real satisfaction comes when exit and expectations match.

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Herding Cats Towards The Exit