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How To Sell A 22-Employee Company For $125 Million

Altia Systems has just crested 20 employees and was fine tuning the latest version of its camera system. So how on earth did it sell for $125 million?

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When To Hire A President To Run Things

Want to bring in a President to run your company day-to-day? Here’s how to get it right.

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The Other Half Of The Equation

So, your business is ready to sell. But are you? Here’s the other side of the ledger you may have forgotten to consider.

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What To Do When Something New Attracts Your Attention

We talk a lot about how you sell a business, but the real satisfaction comes when exit and expectations match.

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Herding Cats Towards The Exit

How To Avoid The Hodgepodge Discount

The Traffic & Conversion Summit attracts 7,000 attendees and keynote speakers like Sir Richard Branson. So why would the creator want to sell it?

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The True Value Of Sticky Customers

CJ Whelan and his co-founder evolved a typically “free service” into something that customers were more than willing to pay for – and remain loyal.

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From 10 Employees to 10X Revenue

Alex Bates’s company used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict the future, but even he couldn’t have anticipated a 10X payday when he sold his company

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Sixth Time’s a Charm For This Restaurant Owner

Andrew Lamppa wanted to sell his restaurant within two years of buying it, but it would take another twelve before he had something an acquirer wanted to buy.

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How One Consulting Company Used The ‘Netflix Model’ To Transform

Kogentix’s product and service offerings may be complex, but their huge growth resulted in an ending that’s easy to understand—an acquisition by the biggest digital marketing agency in the world.

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